The new range of energy-efficient doors and windows from Petra Building Solutions has been designed to ensure maximum interior comfort. The solutions we offer also allow you to save energy and thus reduce your energy bills.

Petra Building Solutions stand out for their energy efficient and environmentally friendly products

We provide a wide choice of energy-efficient fiberglass windows and doors. Thermally efficient and assuredly reliable, our products are essential for all your construction and
renovation projects.

By combining aesthetics and efficiency, our solutions help improve both the curb appeal of your home and its energy performance. Triple-glazed doors and windows combined with pultruded fiberglass window framing systems guarantee excellent insulation. And this assured despite an extreme environment (heat, cold, corrosion). Furthermore, they provide high resistance to condensation, a good frame-to-glass ratio, and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Strong and durable, our fiberglass front door frames and slabs retain their performance and strength over the long term. At Petra Building Solutions, we ensure that our products meet Energy Star and LEED standards and guarantee good durability.