Green Building ConsultingPetra Building Solutions provides energy consulting services for those who are looking for ways to evaluate the energy performance of their buildings or projects and to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible for them.

Our expertise is the result of our in-depth knowledge of the Canadian construction market, along with years of researching the market for the best Green construction products and our deep understanding of the various Green building standards, such as LEED, R-2000 and Passive House (PassivHaus).

We can help you achieve the Green building standards you wish, work with you to estimate and improve the energy performance of your buildings, or share with you useful tips on how to ensure that your projects are designed and built to meet the highest energy efficiency standards you desire.

If you are a design professional, a builder, a homeowner or a building operator, and have a project that you wish to reduce its energy consumption, whether it is a new construction or renovation project, please contact us to discuss your radiant heat system, ICF foundation or SIP panel-related needs.

Green Buildings, what are they?

LEED Building, Passive House and Net-Zero

A Green building is a sustainable and environmentally friendly building.  To deserve the green building status, care about the sustainable construction details should be given from the design stage, all the way through the construction process, to the occupation stage, until the end of the life cycle of the building.

Therefore, green construction projects do not only involve using green products, but also taking into consideration the land situation, the potential orientation of the building, the efficiency of the construction process, and the education of the occupants of the building on how to operate it efficiently.  Those are just a few examples of what contributes to a sustainable building.

LEED, Passive House, and other green building standards are simply third party standards that ensure your building has met these criteria and can be certified as a green building.  If you are interested in building a green building, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help.   We also offer some of the best green construction products that will help you achieve your green goals, like radiant heating system, ERV, Insulated Concrete Forms ICF, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), and high performance windows and doors.

Are these standards achievable in cold climates like in Canada?

The short answer to this question is yes.  Despite the extreme cold weather in most Canadian cities, a careful design that takes into account the possible passive heating and cooling of the building and attention to details during construction will make it possible to achieve the strictest standards in green buildings. To learn more how we can help you achieve these standards please contact us.