Metal Radiant Heat Ceiling Panels (Architectural Series)

Do you have high ceilings with big high windows that permit cold drafts rendering your space uncomfortable?  Do you have condensation on those windows that prevents you from seeing what’s outside?  Or maybe you have a basement or a home office space with a dropped ceiling?  Maybe you have a large entrance that is very hard to warm up?  Well, have you considered our metal radiant heat ceiling panels?

Radiant Heat offers aesthetically appealing panels that can integrate with your ceiling and modern room design, while offering you a comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective way of warming up your spaces.  These heating panels are the perfect solution to efficiently reduce cold drafts and eliminate condensation.  They can either be installed to work together with an existing heating system, or they can be designed as a primary heating system for your home.

These radiant heat ceiling panels come in different dimensions, voltages and powers to meet your heating needs while respecting your vision for the interior design of your room.

Let us look at your plans and help you design your comfort based on your needs while saving you up to 30% on heating costs.