Metal Radiant Ceiling Panels (Architectural Series)

With an aesthetically pleasing design, those panels blend with the adjacent acoustical ceiling tiles providing the required balance between heating needs and the occupants’ comfort.

The exposed metal radiant heating panels are not only going to provide you with the needed comfort and warmth, but they possess great flexibility which allows them to be used in different applications. The metal radiant heating panels have been used in every type of buildings: residential, offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, entrances, atriums, gyms, different work areas and areas with high ceilings and large windows.

Our metal electric radiant ceiling system (Architectural Series ) comes in different sizes , wattages and voltages. A newly developped Thin Architectural Series (AS) Heater was also created to fit in projects where ceiling space is more limited, due to building design.  This can occur, for example, when trying to provide heat at the windows (perimeter heating).  Our thin 2-inch heater is the solution to apply where the building design does not allow for a full 4-inch deep heater.  Although thinner, our 2-inch heaters keep the highest insulation in the industry, as well as the high quality coat finish that we offer on our radiant heating systems.

Advantages of using the Metal Radiant Ceiling Panels

  • The system is entirely unobtrusive when installed, and can be made to match the ceiling tiles;
  • It contributes to maximizing floor space, as the panels can be installed in suspended ceilings, mounted to the ceiling (surface mount); installed into the ceiling (flush mounted); or hung by chains;
  • The panels can be easily removed to accommodate changes and renovation plans;
  • This system is available in imperial and metric measurements and custom sizes;
  • It is 100 % energy efficient;
  • Reduced number of parts (screws and brackets);
  • The frame can be built on the floor, and then installed as a whole, in order to keep it square. The electrician will only need to remove the end piece for the heater to be slid in;
  • Easy and fast installation, as it can be slid into the frame;
  • Better finished look when compared to the older frames;
  • All frames are now powder coated to match the heater;
  • Quiet, safe, and clean system;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.


When and how to choose your Thin Architectural Series (AST) panels

  • Choose the AS thin heater (AST) for concrete ceilings where space is at a premium;
  • Custom sizes for the AST are available upon request.

When and how to choose your Architectural Series

  • Use the standard 4-inch heater (AS) where no space limitations are present, as it is the most efficient;
  • The AS heater is ideal for suspended ceilings, surface or recessed applications;
  • Custom sizes for the AS are available upon request.