Radiant Floor Heating


Our Electric Radiant Floor Heating System was created to transform cold floors into areas of radiant warmth, as it can be installed under most existing floors and flooring materials.

This is especially applicable to decorative kitchen, bathroom and foyer floors, such as tile, marble or natural stone, which can often constitute cold areas in a building.

The Radiant Floor Warming System is the ideal solution for new homes, home renovation, condominiums, apartments, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Although it is most commonly used as a floor warming system, it can often be used as a room’s primary heating system, as well.

Office Interior Design

Benefits of using the Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

  • Because it is installed beneath your flooring, the flooring material itself can act as an insulator and slow the transfer of radiant heat into the room;
  • It offers a superior heating comfort, which hot air systems cannot match;
  • Each room temperature can be programmed and customized through a control system, in order to minimize operating costs and be verified from anywhere in the building;
  • Easy and fast to install;
  • Quiet, safe, and clean system;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Aesthetically pleasing design, as the system is completely concealed.


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