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You are probably here because you are looking for a wall system that is superior to other options available in the market. You are in the right place. Our insulated concrete forms Ontario are the only ICF in the market that does not contain polystyrene or any other synthetic material.

It is a mix of Portland cement and recycled wood. This composite creates an insulated concrete form that is solid, breathable, flexible, resistant to termites, fire proof and sound proof.

Our ICF’s sturdiness makes it easy to work with as it requires less rebar, concrete and bracing as you are building your home, which translates to lower construction cost, capacity to withstand various weather conditions during construction, allowing to continue build your dream home even under Canadian winter conditions and, most importantly, it eliminates blow outs.

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Why Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

If you care about the health and safety of your family, then Nexcem ICF foundation and walls is the right solution for you. Nexcem insulated concrete forms (ICF) will provide with better indoor air quality, because they do not contain any chemicals or synthetic materials such as EPS or any other kind of foams. And, yet, it still offers you the traditional benefits of building with concrete. Please find below some of the advantages of using Nexcem ICF over conventional polystyrene ICF.

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Superior Thermal Performance

Nexcem ICF blocks can offer highly effective thermal performance, with R-values up to R-28. Moreover, the blocks are installed with the insulation to the outside and the concrete fill to the inside, creating a thermal mass that can be capitalized on to collect and reserve sun’s energy, contributing to a passive solar design of your home.

Safe and Healthy

1. Fireproof
With a 4-hour fire rating, Nexcem ICF construction system provides you with more than fire protection, it provides you with a peace of mind. It does not only resist fire, but it also has a zero smoke and flame spread ratings. It also does not melt like the polystyrene would, therefore eliminating the risk of off-gasing of toxic smoke.

2. Natural material
Nexcem ICF material is made of a natural compound, with no VOCs or off-gasing components. It does not contain any synthetic chemical products.

3. Resists mold and fungi
The above average pH environment created by the cement content prevents mold and fungi from surviving in the walls. That contributes directly to a superior indoor air quality, improving breathing, especially for asthma patients.

4. Breathable
Nexcem ICF is breathable. Due to its hygroscopic nature, it is able to regulate humidity levels in a subtle and natural way, preventing high humidity from persisting and moisture from accumulating, which in turn suppresses any type of fungal growth.

5. Sound proof
With the continual expansion of our cities, sound proofing is becoming increasingly important in our homes. The Nexcem ICF wall system has sound absorption properties that allow it to absorb most of the sound reaching its surface, instead of reflecting it back to space. This creates a quiet and calm indoor space, that will allow you to sleep well, despite any external noise.

Longevity and Sturdiness

1. Impact resistant

Applying standard stucco to Nexcem ICF substrate will result less expensive and more impact resistant than conventional EIFS systems (polystyrene and stucco).

2. Termite resistant

Nexcem ICF blocks contain no nutritional value for termites and, therefore, are able to resist and withstand any termite attacks. Independent agencies, such as the US Forestry Service, have tested the product and proved it to last the test of time and termites, when placed in termite infested areas for long periods of time, for about 6 years.

3. Sturdiness

Unlike conventional polystyrene ICF foundation and above grade walls, with Nexcem ICF forms you can continue construction even under difficult weather conditions. You will need a lot less bracing, and a lot less concrete and rebars to reinforce the blocks, saving you time, labor, and material costs.

LEED Points and other standards

If you would like to certify your house to one or more of the green building standards, Nexcem ICF will give you a leverage to achieve those standards. For example, it will give LEED points in the “sustainable sites” and in the “innovation and design” categories. It will certainly contribute to the building’s energy performance, as well, due to its high effective R-value, allowing you to collect LEED points in the “Energy and Atmosphere” category, and achieve other building standards, such as R000 and net-zero. This makes it an ideal choice for green home builders Ontario.

LEED Points
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