Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Taking on a construction project can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. To simplify this process, we offer you prefabricated building envelop systems that can be put up together very easily and quickly.  Therefore, whether you are planning to hire a sub-contractor to assemble it for you or you decide to do it yourself with the help of friends, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is the perfect solution to manage your construction project and calculate related expenses.

If you are planning your next home, cottage, addition, or investment property, Structural Insulated Panels is a system that saves you time, labor cost, and provides higher insulation values, avoiding the complexity and inconvenience of conventional stick framing.

The nature of SIP panels, being a very airtight solution with very minimal thermal bridging, creates a comfortable and healthy indoor space, cuts labor cost by half, reduces the size of your HVAC system, and saves you up to 50% on your energy consumption.

Using Structural Insulated Panels will also help you achieve green building standards, such as LEED, Passive House, and Net-Zero.

SIPs can be used for exterior walls, floors, and roofs.


SIP Panel Advantages

Some of the advantages of using structural insulated panels if you are a builder, a project manager, an architect, or a designer:

  1. Faster installation time
  2. Less labor needed
  3. Reduced margin of on-site errors
  4. Possibility of building through winter
  5. Less heat needed during construction
  6. Reduced on-site waste management
  7. Lower risks of on-site theft
  8. Flexible and easy to design with

For building owners and operators, the advantages are


  1. More efficient thermal performance (up to 50% more on energy saving compared to stick framing)
  2. Eliminates thermal bridging
  3. Improved indoor air quality
  4. Lower life-cycle costs
  5. Reduces the size of your HVAC system
  6. No nutritional value for rodents or insects
  7. Easier to achieve international building standards