Under Slab Radiant Heating (Earth Thermal Storage)

This is the most effective, simplest, and easiest solution you can install in your home if you are planning your new construction.  Simply put, these radiant heat panels are placed on the ground and covered with soil, before the slab is laid.  This will create thermal mass under your slab and will keep your basement (or first floor, if you are building slab on grade) warm and comfortable for a few days without the need to draw more energy from the grid.

Therefore, if you are living in an area where you can take advantage of off-peak rates, you can simply program your thermostat to pull energy during the off-peak hours, which saves, in most cases, over 50% of your energy costs.  If off-peak rates are not available in your area, you would still have an energy efficient system that will keep the floor above warm, even during power interruptions.

Some of the benefits for you as a home owner


  • Faster and cheaper radiant heating installation cost
  • Cheaper to operate
  • No air movement, comfortable and healthy indoor environment
  • Safe – since the system is buried under the slab, there is no risk of fire
  • Maintenance free – there are no filters to change or ducts to clean
  • No need for replacement parts
  • Most importantly, no moving parts, which makes it extremely silent
Heating Panels

Understanding Temperature Variances Around and Under Slab

Therma Slab Temperature Readings