In the pursuit of constructing an energy efficient building, the importance of your building envelop cannot be overlooked.

Not only do quality building envelops improve the energy performance of your building, they also enhance the indoor air quality. Aside from insulation and barriers, windows play an important role as part of your envelope. For example, our windows were integrated in a hyper efficient new build home project in the Laurentians (QC). We offered our client exactly what they needed to build an extremely efficient, healthy, and comfortable home with near passive house standards. With the wall insulation being R 45 and the ceiling being R 80, our high-performance windows were the natural choice for this project.

Petra Building Solutions Inc. offers triple glazed, passive house certified windows that ensure the integrity of your walls remain uncompromised while eliminating uncomfortable drafts. These windows achieve a metric U-value of 0.72 (about R 8 Imperial).

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