In spite of all the challenges that marked 2021, the pandemic encouraged many Canadians to rethink their work and lifestyle, to re-evaluate their homes and settings, and to re-establish their living standards for the years to come.

Thus, many Canadians chose to invest in renovations or new construction projects, as a way to reflect their vision and objectives. This resulted in a year of exceptional opportunities for the construction field, not only because of the growth in the number of projects, but also, and mostly, because clients became more demanding regarding the quality of their living spaces, the energy performance and longevity of their building products.

We are, therefore, thankful to our Clients and Suppliers for being with us throughout 2021, sharing values of economic and ecological sustainability, by prioritizing quality and energy saving solutions, with a long-term vision, in the conception of their homes and building projects.

We look forward to an even better 2022, with you on our side! Happy New Year, full of health, fulfilment, and growth.