It was an exciting experience for Petra Building Solutions to be the supplier of radiant heat ceiling panels for the unique Stackt Market project in Toronto ON, developed by Stackt Properties LP, engineered by Hidi Group, and built by Astound Group.

This creative and innovative project shipping containers for the construction of a market that creates opportunity for small businesses, in downtown Toronto.

Stackt Market Stackt Market

The engineer’s choice of Thermaray’s architectural series ceiling panels was motivated by the wish to integrate a heating system that is effective and efficient, given the ceiling height and large windows, to minimize cold drafts and condensation, and offer a high level of comfort, with no air moving or dust being spread in the air. From the operational point of view, radiant heat is a smart solution because it is easy and quick to install, it needs no replacement parts and requires no maintenance, and it reduces energy consumption.

Store Interior Contemporary Design House

The modern design and artistic concept of the Stackt Market also made radiant heat ceiling panels the perfect choice for this project, because the radiant ceiling panels save floor and wall space, are discrete and integrate harmoniously with the contemporary design, not interfering with creativity.

We congratulate Stackt Properties LP for this unique project and for their choice of radiant ceiling panels as heating system, which fits the revolutionary vision of their Stackt Market in Toronto.