In our last newsletter, we spoke about our High-Quality Passive house Certified Windows. Beyond your building envelope, the importance of the mechanical system in your construction project cannot be overstated. If the envelope is the armor that shields from outside forces, the mechanical system is the heart that pumps warmth throughout the building.

Our recent client in the Laurentians (QC) asked for a heating system that was efficient, comfortable, and would not interfere with their vision for the interior design. Once again, Petra Building Solutions provided a superior solution.

By providing Thermaray Radiant Ceiling Panels, the customer was provided with an efficient and totally concealed heating system that gently radiates heat downwards, warming up the objects and occupants directly without relying on moving air. By circumventing air as the medium, these radiant ceiling panels can save the building owners up to 30% on their energy consumption.

Our radiant ceiling panels provided an aesthetic and money-saving solution to our customer’s heating needs. Furthermore, they saved by purchasing several systems at once!
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