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Petra Building Solutions Inc. (PBS) brings to you window, door, and curtain wall solutions that focus on durability and energy efficiency for construction and renovation projects, keeping style and function, thanks to a wide variety, multiple shapes, and several types of opening.

These solutions are simple to equip with additional functions, such as burglar and bullet resistance, with no need to change the appearance.  Their fittings have excellent functionality, quality and modern design, and they save time and costs, with few tools required for installation.

The options we offer include windows in different construction depths, which can easily be adapted to individual design requirements, without compromising the highest technical level of performance, functions and opening types.

The design variations of the window systems we offer include aluminium windows that feature a special glazing bead fixed directly in the thermal break zone, which results in an extremely slim frame elevation, superior thermal insulation values, and a groove-free profile design from outside, enabling you to achieve excellent U-values, increased light transmissions and panoramic views.

In terms of technology, we must emphasize the high insulation multi-chamber system in symmetric design, and a flexible sealing concept that permits three installation methods.

Our façade and glass roof systems, which combine the highest levels of thermal insulation and freedom to choose from a wide range of opening types, offer a harmonious optical integration into the structure of any building, with inwards or outwards opening, with manual or motorized operation, and they are simple to expand with additional functions without changing the appearance.

PBS also offers security window and door solutions, with all-inclusive protection, for both personal security and building protection, in combination with other additional functions.

The Wicona windows, doors, and curtain walls that PBS distributes can help earning LEED points due to their recycled material content of up to 75%, and due to their high energy performance.

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For more information and technical specifications on the window solutions we offer, please consult our brochures.