Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are prefabricated high performance building systems, mainly built from EPS foam sandwiched by two OSB sheaths. Since they are prefabricated systems, they are adaptable to various designs. 

The factory controlled prefab panels reduce on-site waste and have a high R-value.  Building with SIPs in Montreal , Ottawa and Kingston costs around the same of the stick framed building if you factor in the savings on labor and site cleaning after construction.  Since SIPs exert high efficiency characteristics, a smaller HVAC will be needed, which means more saving for home-owners and building operators.
Professionals looking to save time and labor during construction, without having to compromise the quality of their work, will quickly realize the value of using SIPs.  All SIPs are pre-cut to plans, reducing on-site errors and guarantying much faster installation.  In fact, SIPs used in the Montreal , Ottawa and Kingston region, can save you up to 50% in labor cost.

SIPs are also great for home owners and building operators due to their high energy performance.  Achieving green building standards like Passive House, LEED or Net-Zero is made much easier using Structural Insulated Panels.

SIPs can be use in different applications:
1- SIPs Roof 
2- Wall SIPs
3- Foundational SIPs ​​

SIPs Benefits:

For industry professionals (builders, architects and designers, project managers...etc)

  1.  Faster installation time
  2.  Less labor needed
  3.  Reduce margin of on-site errors
  4.  Building through winter is possible
  5.  Less heat needed during construction
  6.  Reduce on-site waste management
  7.  Lower risks of on-site theft
  8.  Flexible and easy to design with

 For Building owners and operators:

  1.  Thermal performance
  2.  Better Indoor Air Quality
  3.  Lower life-cycle costs
  4.  No nutritional value for rodents and insects
  5.  Easier to achieve international building standards