NexCem ICF

Why Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

  ​There are many advantages of the Nexcem ICF system over the conventional ICF and the conventional.  Being made of cement bonded with wood fiber, it avoids using unnatural products while allowing for a better thermal performance.   It also gives it more solidity than Styrofoam ICF, which eliminates blow-outs completely if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.  

Insulated Concrete Forms

Traditional Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are hollow EPS forms that are erected at the construction site, and then filled with five or six inches of reinforced concrete.  Unlike traditional concrete forms, Nexcem ICF does not use EPS or any other chemical material, making it a healthier choice for the occupants of the building.

Nexcem ICF gives you all the benefits that have made concrete the material of choice for home building worldwide: Solid, lasting construction that resists the ravages of fire, wind, and time.  

Leverage the Power of Insulated Concrete Forms


Sound Proof 


With a 4 hours fire rating and a zero smoke and flame spread ratings too, unlike regular ICF Nexcem does not melt, sustain fire or off-gas toxic smoke in case of fire.

The sound absorptive properties of Nexcem ICF in combination with the mass of the wall system provides an ideal combination of sound absorption and sound transmission properties. About 95% of the sound that reaches the NexCem material is absorbed and not reflected back into the airspace. This makes it the perfect solution for any kind of building regardless of its application.

While the NexCem ICF material is inert with no VOCs or off-gasing, the cement content of the NexCem material creates an above average pH environment at the wall surface , that inhibits the growth of fungi and mold. Addionally, the hygroscopic nature of the material moderates humidity levels and provides an inherent moisture regulator that keeps humidity low, repressing any type of fungal growth.

LEED Points

Impact Resistant

Termite Proof

With Nexcem ICF system, you can earn LEED point in virtually all LEED categories, from "Sustainable sites" to "Innovation & Design" and all categories in between. Most importantly it will help you collect points on the "Energy & Atmosphere" category, which is the category with the most possible points. 
Standard stuccos applied directly to the Nexcem ICF substrate result in a finish that is less expensive and more impact resistant than conventional EIFS systems (polystyrene and stucco).  
Unlike wood and other non-hygroscopic material, NexCem ICF provides effective resistance to termite attack. A number of testing programs have been conducted by independent agencies such as the U.S. Forestry Service. Nexcem samples were placed in termite infested areas for as long as six years without any destruction of the Nexcem material.